The Covenant Foundation

Celebrating Excellence and Innovation in Jewish Education

The Covenant Foundation was established in 1990 and remains committed to supporting the audacious dreams of Jewish educators across North America.

The Covenant Foundation recognizes the diversity of strengths within the field of Jewish education in North America, across all denominations and settings.

By honoring outstanding Jewish educators and supporting creative approaches to programming, the Foundation works to strengthen educational endeavors that perpetuate the identity, continuity and heritage of the Jewish people.

The Foundation believes those with the creativity and passion to be catalysts for change and innovation in Jewish education are worthy of recognition and support. Consequently, the Foundation accepts unsolicited letters of inquiry.

A Program of the Crown Family Philanthropies

“This is My Covenant with you… the words which I have put into your mouth shall not depart from you, not from your children, not from your children’s children henceforth and forever.” Isaiah 59:21

Virtual Celebration Creative Team

The Covenant Foundation is extremely fortunate to work with a creative team unmatched in their vision, dedication, and attention to detail. The magic of this virtual event is to their credit.
Faculty NY

Faculty NY is a women-owned spatial storytelling agency that designs bespoke experiences for brands. Faculty believes that the message is more important than the medium, and that human-centric design requires a human-centered approach. Special thanks to Nasya Kamrat, Aaron Wolfe, Kevi Louis-Johnson, Julie Kim, and Courtney Zerizef.

Nasya Kamrat
Nasya Kamrat
Aaron Wolfe
Aaron Wolfe
Kevi Louis-Johnson
Kevi Louis-Johnson
Julie Kim
Julie Kim
Courtney Zerizef
Courtney Zerizef

Shaya Klechevsky
Shaya Klechevsky

Shaya brings his expertise in technology, digital security, and business operations to ensure optimal efficiency for both client projects and Lousch's daily activities. Years of learning technological and digital security best practices along with his experience in working in the security-centric industries of Finance and Health has given Shaya a strong understanding of establishing sharp workflows and systems. He also manages CRM systems for both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors helping companies and organizations best organize and leverage their most precious assets: their clients. Shaya is able to offer essential tools in engaging, analyzing and providing a top-level perspective on their constituents. Shaya joined Lousch Creations after years of working with Jewish non-profit organizations such as the Jewish National Fund as their Fulfillment Systems Coordinator, the Yeshivah of Flatbush Joel Braverman High School as their Information Manager, and Creative Consultant to the Director of Admissions and Associate Principal, as well as RAVSAK: The Jewish Community Day School Network as their Project & Information Manager.

Adam Shaw-Vardi
Adam Shaw-Vardi

Adam Shaw-Vardi is the Creative Director of Lousch Creations, a digital creative agency that he founded in 2004, which provides animation, design, development, CRM services, and social media strategy to nonprofits in the education, environmental, and social responsibility fields. Adam’s background is in classic visual arts and includes drawing, painting, and sculpture. For over 20 years, Adam has been instrumental in the success of over 140 projects for professional organizations spanning non-profits to global institutions.

Ilana Trachtman
Ilana Trachtman

Ilana Trachtman has produced and directed Emmy award-winning nonfiction programs for over 25 years, for networks such as PBS, HBO Family, ABC-TV, Showtime, Lifetime, Discovery, A&E, and the Sundance Channel. Concerned with bearing witness, Ilana’s work strives for immediate, irresistible human recognition across difference. Her credits include: Mariachi High (PBS), Black in Latin America (PBS), Our Heroes, Ourselves, (Lifetime), and The Arts Advantage (ABC-TV). Ilana’s independent feature documentary, Praying with Lior, about the spirituality and Bar Mitzvah of a boy with Down syndrome, received six Audience Awards for Best Documentary, the Grand Prix at the International Disability Film Festival, and was a critic’s pick of The New York Times. Most recently, Ilana’s film for WHYY, The Pursuit: 50 Years in the Fight for LGBT Rights, was awarded the Mid-Atlantic Emmy for Best Documentary.

Board and Staff

Board of Directors

Steven Ain
Harlene Winnick Appelman
Keating Crown
Dr. Rena Dorph
Dr. Arnold M. Eisen
Cheryl R. Finkel, Chair
Jordan T. Goodman
Barry Joseph
Dr. Betsy Dolgin Katz
Dr. Deborah E. Lipstadt
Barbara Goodman Manilow
Deborah S. Meyer
Dr. Steven B. Nasatir

Director Emeritus

Eli N. Evans

The Covenant Foundation Founding Directors

Susan Crown
Dr. Jonathan S. Woocher, ז”ל

A Program of the Crown Family Philanthropies

Harlene Winnick Appelman
Executive Director

Joni Blinderman
Associate Director

Milana Isakova
Grants and Awards Manager

Adina Kay-Gross
Editorial Director

Yonah Kirschner
Program Officer

Lindsay Malin
Program Officer

Jeff Marks
Administrative Associate

Ariel PJ Stewart
Senior Program Officer

Ralia Wagner
Director of Finance & Administration