A Jewish Electronic Bulletin Board

Organization: Mendocino Coast Jewish Community, Littleriver, CA

Grant Year: 1991

Project Director: Rabbi Margaret Holub

Type of Grant: Signature

Grant Amount: $75,750.00 (2 years)

Website: http://www.mcjc.org/

This grant funded a program for Jewish teens consisting of weekly discussion forums from their homes through a computer bulletin board, monthly “Study and Schmooze,” sessions, and retreats.

“Alephnet was a computer bulletin board intended to connect rural Jewish teens over a large geographical region of northwest California, so that they could socialize, study and relate to other Jewish people and communities. This was before the Internet became available, and computers themselves were new to most of the families who participated. We hosted twice-yearly retreats for Alephnet members and provided Jewish study resources and questions on an ongoing basis, along with an “”Anonymous Kallah”” where teens could chat about the subjects of their choice.”

-Rabbi Margaret Holub