Summer Reading for Educators: Recommendations

Summer is a great time to catch up on all of that reading you can’t get to during the school year, but where to begin? Compiled here are b...

A Summer of Tikkun Olam

Etgar 36 is still going strong, with 36 and 22-day summer trips for teens, focused on history, politics and activism. In 2015, we interviewe...


Dr. Rebecca Schorsch - 2014 Award Recipient

Dr. Rebecca Schorsch, Director of Jewish Studies at Chicagoland Jewish High School (CJHS) in Deerfield, IL, has made an impact on students, fellow educators and the greater community in the Chicago area and beyond with singular dedication and leadership.

Gitta Jaroslawicz-Neufeld - 2012 Award Recipient

Gitta Jaroslawicz-Neufeld, Director of Education at Allegra Franco School of Educational Leadership in Brooklyn for the past seven years, has leveraged the power of Jewish education to redefine students’ lives, ensure community continuity and tradition, and affect social structures.

Rabbi Benay Lappe - 2016 Award Recipient

Rabbi Benay Lappe, founder of Chicago’s SVARA: A Traditionally Radical Yeshiva, accepted the award from James Crown. At SVARA, Rabbi Lappe has established a learning environment where students represent the full spectrum of Jewish life and diversity. Under her leadership, enrollment at SVARA has risen from eight students in its first year, to 600 students studying in SVARA’s Beit Midrash today. Rabbi Lappe is also Senior Fellow and Director of Education at the Institute for the Next Jewish Future in Chicago, where she oversees the faculty and staff Beit Midrash and participates in its Judaism Unbound podcasts.