Sight Line Volume 24: The Covenant Classroom Now

The Covenant Classroom, an annual edition of Sight Line, is devoted to best practices in classroom-based education. This year, the brick and...

The Covenant Foundation Announces a Leadership Transition

The Covenant Foundation announced today that Harlene Winnick Appelman will be stepping down from her role as Executive Director on January 1...


Rabbi Tully Harcsztark - 2017 Award Recipient

Guided by the leadership of Founding Principal Rabbi Tully Harcsztark, SAR High School in Riverdale, New York has become a national model of Jewish education. At SAR, the integration of general and Judaic Studies reflects Harcsztark’s ideal of education as a “fusion of horizons.” Each activity at SAR, from Israeli dancing to discussions of Midrash mixed with literary theory to exuberant pick up games of field hockey and soccer are imbued with a climate of deep respect where students, faculty and staff are invited to engage in open and honest intellectual exploration.

Nili Simhai - 2009 Award Recipient

Nili Simhai has served for the last decade as director of the Teva Learning Center in New York, a prestigious Jewish environmental educational institute that works with Jewish day schools, congregational schools, synagogues, camps, youth groups and other Jewish organizations and institutions to marry environmental and Jewish values.

Deborah Newbrun - 2018 Award Recipient

Deborah Newbrun is Senior Jewish Educator and Director Emeritus at Camp Tawonga in San Francisco. A pioneer of the Jewish Environmental Education movement, Newbrun strives to transform the outdoors into a space for deep Jewish learning. As a visionary educator and mentor, Newbrun has provided myriad campers with their first authentic connection to Judaism and created an intentional community at Tawonga that models inclusion and respect.