The Genesis Plays Festival

Organization: The inHEIRitance Project, New York, NY

Grant Year: 2017

Project Director: Jon Adam Ross

Type of Grant: Signature

Grant Amount: $75,000.00 (1 year)


The inHEIRitance Project – To bring the five acclaimed Genesis Plays, created and produced in Jewish communities around the country, to New York City, culminating in a theater festival in the spring of 2018. 

The inHEIRitance Project is a series of five plays created and produced in five Jewish communities over three years. Each play is inspired by the narrative of a matriarch or patriarch from the book of Genesis and developed through multiple interactions with the communities. The collaborative process enables the audience to participate, and ultimately have a deeper connection to the performance and the biblical narratives that inspire the project. 

“Process as Product,” the guiding pedagogy behind the inHEIRitance Project, means that the community aspect of making each play is the essential ingredient. To date, thousands of Jewish community members and their neighbors of differing faiths have participated in inHEIRitance Project activities. The resulting scripts are layered with the personal narratives and reflections from the communities in which they’re performed.