Jumpstarting Congregational Education

Organization: Teva Learning Center, New York, NY

Grant Year: 2007

Project Director: Ms. Nili Simhai

Type of Grant: Ignition

Grant Amount: $17,500.00 (1 year)

Website: http://hazon.org/teva/

Through its Jumpstarting Congregational Education project, Teva Learning Center developed a new curriculum and educator-training program specifically designed for congregational school settings.

Ignition Grantee Reflections: Impacts and Learnings
“Where are we now, what did we accomplish, and what have we learned?”

“We believe firmly that this is exemplary Jewish education that engages students and family where other things won’t engage and that strengthens Jewish identity on different levels. We are part of a larger community, a larger movement of deepening Jewish learning. Interest and desire for this type of education is unparalleled and completely connected to the interest in dangers confronting our planet and the rethinking of synagogue life. Our program has helped move these trends along and has fed it.”

—Nili Simhai, Project Director