Jewish Parent Academy

Organization: Jewish Parent Academy (Fiscal Sponsor: Kings Bay Y), Brooklyn, NY

Grant Year: 2016

Project Director: Dimitriy Goloborodoskiy

Type of Grant: Ignition

Grant Amount: $20,000.00 (1 year)


To build on its pilot year of adult Jewish learning for Russian-speaking parents with young families.

The Jewish Parent Academy (JPA) reaches young Russian-Jewish professionals who are parents of young families in New York. JPA’s robust, substantive curriculum was developed in consultation with Ella Shteingart to guide the faculty of distinguished lecturers. Eleven bi-weekly, 3-hour classes were offered from January through June. Social time and meals and refreshments are available at each session.  Participant ‘homework’ between sessions includes readings and exercises with their families to enhance their learning experience. 

Topics covered include: What it means to be Jewish, Jewish contributions to civilization, Russian Jewish history, Jewish ethics, Passover, the American Jewish community, raising Jewish children, Jewish views on happiness, and Israel.