CSI: Coffee. Study. Interpret.

Organization: The Well, West Bloomfield, MI

Grant Year: 2017

Project Director: Rabbi Dan Horwitz

Type of Grant: Signature

Grant Amount: $46,500.00 (1 year)

Website: http://www.meetyouatthewell.org/

The Well – To fund the expansion of its CSI: Coffee. Study. Interpret., a Beit Midrash-style learning series, to three new communities.

Initially funded as a Covenant Ignition Grant, CSI offers monthly learning sessions in Metro Detroit, engaging under and unaffiliated young Jewish adults with Jewish text, contemporary issues in the community, and with each other. In 2016, each session drew an average of 50+ attendees. By creating inclusive spaces for small group text-based conversations on topics of broader human interest, and also featuring exceptional guest speakers, CSI reaches those who would never have self-selected to do “Jewish learning,” and exposes Jewish millennials to relevant aspects of their tradition – igniting a spark within them to engage in further learning. Through this grant, The Well will develop partnerships and provide support and resources to help adapt and pilot the model in three new communities.