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Aug 27, 2010 | Location: Miami | Category: Community News

Covenant Fellow: Jewish Day School Education Must Adjust to the 21st Century

Miami, Aug 27, 2010—Jewish day schools and parents of students must embrace 21st century realities, yet stay rooted in Jewish values and continuity, writes Valerie Lustgarten, a Covenant Fellow, in an essay, “A Study in Life,” in the Fall 2010 issue of Jewish Way, a lifestyles magazine in South Florida.

“Twenty-first century education is not only more technology and more knowledge at a faster pace; the world has become borderless,” writes Lustgarten, Assistant Principal of the Lower School at Samuel Scheck Hillel Community Day School in North Miami Beach, FL. “Markets are more global than local, and the jobs that our children will work in have not been created. This is where Jewish Day Schools come in.

“Twenty-first century education is about fostering values that open the doors to the development of fundamental skills such as collaboration, empathy and self-motivation. There is no other choice, no other goal – this has to be the role of Jewish Day Schools today. They must offer students the possibility to explore and establish their identity, as well as prepare for the future, whatever it may hold.”

As a Covenant Fellow, Lustgarten just completed a multi-year program exploring Jewish early childhood education issues and positioning participants to become leaders in this critical field. Read her entire article here. (hotlink to PDF)

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