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News and Press | Covenant in Action

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Feb 12, 2015 | Location: New York | Category: Covenant in Action
SLIDESHOWNew York, Feb 12, 2015—It’s not often that you see a group of Jewish educators up to their elbows, literally, in sloth puppets. [More]
Sep 29, 2014 | Category: Covenant in Action
SLIDESHOWSep 29, 2014—For many children, going back to school is exciting. New shoes and school supplies, new teachers, friends, sports teams—the fall season offers us all a crisp break from languid summer days and brings structure, and a familiar routine. [More]
Sep 3, 2014 | Location: Palmer, MA | Category: Covenant in Action
SLIDESHOWPalmer, MA, Sep 3, 2014—It was like the premiere of a blockbuster movie, only it all happened at Camp Ramah in New England. [More]
Sep 3, 2014 | Location: New York, NY | Category: Covenant in Action
SLIDESHOWNew York, NY, Sep 3, 2014—Don’t assume that everyone walking around tethered to a device is mindlessly texting, tweeting, and chatting. For some, there is serious Jewish education going on. [More]
May 1, 2014 | Location: Sharon, MA | Category: Covenant in Action
SLIDESHOWSharon, MA, May 1, 2014—Art as social action is shaping the conversation at a small Jewish day school here, and making an impact on community and beyond. [More]
Mar 4, 2014 | Location: San Rafael, CA | Category: Covenant in Action
SLIDESHOWSan Rafael, CA, Mar 4, 2014—Family mealtime may be on the rebound. That is, if those who see it as key to Jewish continuity prevail against 21 st century forces staring them down. [More]
Nov 25, 2013 | Location: Chicago | Category: Covenant in Action
SLIDESHOWChicago, Nov 25, 2013—Esther Bley pulled out her smart phone and proudly passed around an image of her college-aged granddaughter, Sarah, in full tikun olam mode. [More]
Oct 7, 2013 | Location: New York | Category: Covenant in Action
SLIDESHOWNew York, Oct 7, 2013—It’s a Jewish journey writ large, as an unaffiliated Jewish artist immersed himself in teachings just a few years ago and now conveys Jewish wisdom through his own museum-worthy art form. [More]

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Rare Finds

Mar 18, 2015

Making Passover More Inclusive with the Gateways Haggadah

The Gateways Haggadah utilizes over 150 picture communication symbols developed by Mayer-Johnson™, the leading creator of symbol-adapted special education materials that assist individuals in...[More]
Feb 12, 2015

New Technology Enhances Depth of African-American Oral History Project

Drawing on a wealth of oral interviews collected by activist and politician Julian Bond and historian Phyllis Leffler, Black Leaders on Leadership examines the lives of prominent...[More]