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Awards | Awards Program

Each year, The Covenant Foundation honors three exceptional Jewish educators with a prestigious Covenant Award. Designed to honor and celebrate those who have made an impact on Jewish life through innovative educational practices and models, each Award carries a prize of $36,000 for the educator and an additional $5,000 for his or her home institution.

Since 1991, when the Covenant Award was established, 72 remarkable educators have been so honored. These individuals represent the creativity, commitment, and talent in a field that is increasingly being recognized and supported by the community.

Recipients have distinguished themselves in myriad realms, including classroom teaching, family education, dance, music, adult education, tikkun olam, storytelling, work on college campuses, curriculum design, leadership, and professional development.

“The Covenant Awards have achieved their place in Jewish education,” notes Eli N. Evans, Chairman of the Foundation’s Board of Directors. “The Award is a form of recognition for the thousands of great teachers and educators nominated and considered from across the country.”

Learn about past Covenant Award recipients and their achievements in Jewish education by clicking on Past Recipients.

For eligibility requirements and instructions for the 2015 Awards cycle, please click Nominate an Educator.

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